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Mae'r Fari Lwyd yn barod i helpu   The mari Lwyd is ready to help  A.Neal      .JPG

This exhibition grew out of the time when the world went to sleep. The COVID pandemic starved artists of the opportunity to show their work, or even talk about it and denied the public the opportunity to visit galleries.

This exhibition attempts to solve these problems. It, first, brings together and supports a cohort of contemporary artists from Abergavenny and its rural hinterland, and then curates an exhibition of their work made during this period or inspired by it.

Work exhibited includes Photography, Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Video, Ceramics and mixed media from artists Catherine Baker, Toril Brancher, David Collyer, Penny Hallas, Lauren Heckler, Ben Jones, Clare Parry-Jones, David Morgan-Davies, Allison Neal, Rachel Tudor Best, Daniel Williams, Jessica Woodrow and Catherine Wynne-Paton.

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