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Drawn Together

Drawn Together. – a collaboration between Coast Lines and Voluntary Arts Wales

The largest drawing project in wales is taking place this summer and you can be a part of it.

It doesn’t matter if you think you can’t draw or even if you’ve never drawn before. We want everyone in Wales to take part. Artists all over Wales are leading workshops and events to help you draw and I'm offering a range of workshops and events in South East Wales where you can make your mark.

This project isn't about being an artist. It’s about seeing what’s in front of us and recording the moment. It's about taking time out of our routine to have a good look at what surrounds us and to celebrate everyday life, the heart of the Welsh community, in a drawing.

Draw what you see, whether it’s the beautiful Welsh landscape or the washing up. Your drawings will combine with everyone else’s in an exhibition at the National Museum in Cardiff in October to describe Wales today. They’ll also be online together with all the other drawings created over the whole of Wales.

The first workshop in South East Wales tooke place on Wednesday 25thApril in The Kitchen at the Chapel, Abergavenny. I was there all morning, with drawing books and pencils, encouraging everyone to draw what was in front of them, though unfortunately it wasn't quite warm enough to draw outside in the Chapel Garden.

47 people joined in and drew, some hadn't drawn since they were children. Some were children. Everyone enjoyed themselves!

drawing in the Chapel

rhubarb at teh Chapel

Even two year olds can make their mark in Wales!

The next drawing workshops are in June. If you're in Wales then come along. It costs nothing and all materials are provided.

June 12th 11.00 - 2.00 Llanthony Priory Draw what Turner saw.

June 30th 11.00 - 12.00 Learn to Draw. free one hour drawing workshop.

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